Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Creating Your First Website

Hi everyone,

Just a thought about doing your own website.

Do your homework! Don't just reach for the 
first put together site you see. There are 
so many out there. Know what your needs are.
Understand what you are trying to sell. 
What kind of format do you want to display.

There are lots of things to consider before
publishing your own website. (This is why there
are professionals out there) However; you can 
do it yourself, especially if it's your first
website and you're just starting out. Don't 
let it intimidate you. You can always upgrade 
later, maybe even have a professional design
for you.

The most important thing to remember is not
to get intimidated! by anyone. Just take your
time and think about how you want your site
to look. What will your customers be looking for.
You want your pages to download quickly, don't
clutter them with unnecessary junk you don't need.
If you were the customer, what would you want
to see when entering the website.

Following the steps of putting a site together
can be easy as 1,2,3 but it's the content that
you want to be pleasing to the eye, easy reading,
right to the point, right away. You only have 
seconds to capture someones attention. If they 
have to figure things out, you've lost them!

So if you do your homework and figure your content 
out prior to putting your site together, it will 
be much easier and more successful. Think about 
your fonts. Don't use a lot of different colors with your
fonts throughout your site. You want a classy site 
not some junk site.

So with that, give it your best shot and have fun with it!

Friday, October 24, 2014

End of holiday blues

Hey guys,

Have any of you started thinking about the holidays?

Yes shopping, it doesn't have to be painful or depressing.
If you know of anyone on your list that works online,
you could purchase them some advertising. Or get them a
gift card for advertising, purchase a mailing list etc.

Get them a web site started if they're newbies. Or perhaps
some other form of learning materials, books etc.

Come on, you know the list, it's endless.

When you take the time to think about a person 
and their interests, the rest comes easy for gift buying.
It doesn't have to be difficult.

So start putting on that thinking cap of yours
and before you know it, you'll be done with your shopping!
Painlessly, and have time to actually enjoy the holidays.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hi Guys,

Here's a quick list of Websites that can help
you build your own website to start your own
business online, or perhaps just a blog etc. the
range is wide open. 

So take a look, if you haven't already and get cracking.
It's so much easier than you think. Almost all have a Free 
access to build a site, and you have the option to
upgrade with a fee (usually really small). Some are flash-based.

They're great for someone just starting out with a business in particular,
or anyone who hasn't spent anytime online for this purpose.
And if you don't have a budget to have one professionally designed for you
and your needs right now.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Food for thought...

If you're looking to start working online,
try thinking about what you, yourself can do.

There are so many scams and the people who 
smile and exploit them. They are there to make you
feel like you "Need them" in order to be successful.

If you look inside yourself and find what
you are good at, that's the first step. Something that you
enjoy doing. Make your own web site, they're easy to do.
Or purchase one through an experienced web developer
who will design it especially for you and your needs.
That's more expensive, but fully covered and looks more professional.
But you can start out small and do one yourself.

This will give you more control over what you're selling
and what you're making etc. Do your homework and research
what your needs are to promote and execute. Don't let all the mumble jumble
out there scare you off. You can do it, but you have to try!
In the long run, it will pay off. You will not get rich quick!
It will not happen fast! But allow it to grow. It takes time.
Just like any business. Start putting faith in yourself! Not in others
that promise the moon and deliver coal instead.
Put the money in  your pocket, not theirs.

There are good sites that will help you to promote your site.
In addition to you promoting it yourself. Just keep promoting and don't
look back. How would you do it if it was a brick and mortar business???
It's not much different. So give it a try, if it fails at first, it's good for the soul,
it only makes you stronger.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Updating news

If it's not broken
then don't fix it right?

I basically will be just moving things around
perhaps giving this blog a
minor face lift.

Not everyone comes here for the same purpose.
Some come not even knowing what
they'll find.

But to all who visit, will be able to 
navigate to what interests them easier.
with some new things added here and there.

So, stay tuned while I clean out the clutter.
there should be no interruptions that last
too long. Just check back again in an hour or two.
Should you get stuck while signing in.

Thanks for your patience, and I will update you
on a start date.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Longevity Formula

Hey Guys,

On the health side of things, were you aware
that sales of herbal dietary supplements in the 
United States alone is well over 
$5 billion annually. It's been increasing every year.
Year after Year! This is not a small market and
should not be underestimated.

It is poised to grow in leaps and bounds over the
next 10 years because of the baby boomers population.

If you want to become a distributor 
or just try the products for yourself
of a company that is saving lives from cancer
and other devastating diseases, just check out the link below:

Longevity Formulacode2426

It will ask for a Sponsor code to enter, just enter the
(2426 in the link) and you're good to go!

I personally use these products and they make you feel alive!
full of energy that's unbelievable. Not racy like sugar drinks.
It will also cleanse your body of toxins that you will be able to see
for yourself. Look it over, try a product, get started as a distributor!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Changes to come...

Hi Guys,

I would like to change some things, I don't
know what yet...
But I want to update my blog here at
Starting Fresh.

I would like to get some ideas from my readers
in why they visit in the first place.
What are you looking for when you visit. Or what 
keeps you coming back...

I will be changing things in the coming months
slowly...holidays and all will be busy. But
would love to have your ideas (if any) of what
you would like to see more of here at Starting Fresh.

What content do you want more of?
that sort of thing. My aim is to organize my content
in a more sufficient way for my readers, and myself
to specifically be able to just go to any particular area
of interests. Be it about health, jobs, affiliate programs,
or any new subjects. 

So be on the look out for changes, and I would really like your input
so that I can accommodate my readers. If no one comments,
I can't change anything. (that you want).
If I can do what you suggest to update my blog I will.
Your opinion does matter and I hope I will be able to 
accommodate your suggestions.
After all, it's all about you guys!

Monday, October 13, 2014

More Allinclusiveads

AIA Pays for Your Google Adwords PPC's

We all know that Google Adwords
Pay-Per-Click advertising works.

But who wants to pay 0.25 to 1.00
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I sure don't!

That's why I use:


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I don't have to bid on keywords, they do.

I don't have to use my own funds, they do.

All I do is save up to 10 of my links
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AIA bids on keywords costing over 1
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